Ballast Projects Presents: "Feeling Human": A group show featuring Ryan Schneider, Austin Eddy, and Mira Dancy

5 March - 15 April 2014




Recreating the world we live in, to move outside of the world we live in, to feel human...


The body, sapience, space, emotion and the atmospheres they create, form the art of storytelling. Our intelligence and judgement are what helps shape these stories and have helped reshape and build upon the most important and historically old way of communication and feelings amongst each other.


The figure tells us about ourselves, our fears, our humor, our love and how individuals think amongst a community that now spans globally and in digital form. In abstract ways, aesthetically and conceptually, a story is told using the figure as the tool stringing the narrative to the viewer. As we view the works, we are all brought out of our immediate moment in time, and into a feeling, a new state on emotion and personal consciousness. It helps us define feeling human.


These feelings come from varieties of deductive processes.


The following contemporary artists are transforming and continuing the historical tradition of depict the human form in timeless and modern situations such as: ritualistic behavior, sexuality, strength, hope, happiness, fear, tension, dreams and more. We feel this trio of artists have built a new dynasty of figurative work, that compels the viewer to become part of the environment and emotion that the figure lives within...


The Ballast Projects is a new independent curatorial initiative by Adam G. Mignanelli. The focus of this platform is to curate and exhibit emerging artists that are currently redefining contemporary art and painting. The Ballast Projects offers an art advisory service for private clients and companies in need of  discreet art consultation and private curation. Adam G. Mignanelli was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island.  He received his BFA from Parsons The New School for Design in New York City and also studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.